Albayaan Foundation is a non governmental and non political organization whose objectives are clearly stated;

  • We bring smile in the eyes of the needy and the deprived society
  • Make schools and learning materials available to the vulnerable and less privileged in the society.
  • Build Mosques, wells and spread Islamic Monotheism in the our Society
  • Caring for Widows and the old age

Albayaan Foundation has existed for sometime now and has contributed in changing many lives to know Allah and impacted in many of them in terms of food, shelter and many other life related needs.

Albayaan Foundation is founded by Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed Abdallah which he considers a place for all mankind. He calls to Join hands in building Mosques, wells, helping the needy and make Islam and it’s community a pride home for all.

If you are a philantroist and need a mosque, wells and or schools in your name just contact Albayaan foundation to facilitate this Insha Allah.

If you also need a school, Mosques and or wells in your house or community you can also contact Albayaan to survey the environment and bring the facility close to you. We shall build any of this or even all and make your community smile Insha Allah.

Iftar time
Putting smiles in the eyes of the needy in the society is fully our objective and that is the reason
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As part of our trust to establish firmness of the Islamic faith and to encourage every community to embrace Islam
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