Albayaan is always ready to play a decent role in your intention to make Islam a prevalent in Ghana and other part of the world. Your plans to build Schools, Mosques  and wells to achieve these intentions can be completed by Albayaan foundation Insha Allah.

It is obvious people from the rural areas face a lot of difficulties when it comes to development of any type and category which includes good schools for their children and a decent Mosques for worship. In effect, this has risen the rate of illiteracy and encouraged laziness in worship.

Islam and Muslims were known for their love for one another and their wish and support for each others development. It is in this regard that we are appealing to anyone who wish to achieve a good result and get a better home for him/her selves in the hereafter to support in building those facilities for the people of Ghana and other part of the world.

To invest in Qiyaama by building these facilities please contact Albayaan foundation on any of our contact lines specified here.