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Building your home while away has been treachery and disappointing because your money never gets into the right hands. People have died and many gone mad because of disappointments as they work day and night only to earn a good living back home but when ever they get back home their money and property is not found. Albayaan constructions have made a deep survey and came out with a better package for your home plans.

Now, you have to entrust your building works to us and come back home without a heart break. Our team are ready to make your dream a reality and build an affordable yet excellent home for you and your family.

Put a real smile on your face and the faces of your love ones.

Contact us now.

Major countries that need your services with a lucrative salary structure have their list ready. Get your passport and be part of this years’ job opening and have the foreign experience in your life. Get the job now and make Mummy, daddy, wife, husband and children happy.

Albayaan is now making traveling an easy subject for anyone who needs to move from one country to another. Just get involve and create a testimony tomorrow.

Be the bread winner now! Contact Albayaan foundation to begin your processing now.

Travelling to another country is always an issue and getting the right person or right people to facilitate it for you is another big issue. Albayaan is now taking the work load on you and make your journey to any part of this world a successful one. Make a choice and contact us through a phone call or any means we have specified on our website to open your file now.

We have the links, locations, jobs updates and experienced minds in making your journey a successful one. start now and make your choice.

It’s almost end of this wonderful Month and Eid is fast approaching, that’s why we have plan to make the orphans happy by providing them with things that would enable them celebrate exactly as we all do in this years Sallah(EID).

Item distributed include Cloth, Shoes and sandals, school bags, food items and drinks among other things. May Allah help those who made this expenditures and may HE increase their wealth everyday. Ameen.

Putting smiles in the eyes of the needy in the society is fully our objective and that is the reason we encouraged our philanthropist to invest in assorted food stuff to make the day bright for our people and to show them love and care. During iftar in the holy mount of Ramadan, we invite both the needy, the middle persons and the rich to be part of our wonderful ceremony.

As part of our trust to establish firmness of the Islamic faith and to encourage every community to embrace Islam irrespective of their tribe or ethnic group we accepted the contracts from our noble Islamic philanthropist around the world to build mosque all around this country and outside it to whoever needs it. It is in this respect that we invite all of you to participate and see the new Manhean Mosque and add your blessings.

This is to also encourage anyone who wish to let his money prepare a better place for him to invite us and let us know what he want for the needy community and we can help Insha Allah.