Founder: He is the founder of Albayaan Foundation and all Albayaan related ventures. He is Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed Abdallah resident around Insakina a suburb of Accra. Attained his Degree at the Islamic University in Niger and most influential in Da’awa and everything that has to do with Islam and it’s environs.

Reputation: It is much that can be said about this Noble Man, and just a page cannot complete his reputation and how much he has touched lives in most of the communities around Ghana. Sheikh Ibrahim has a track record of patience and understanding and always fulfill his promises. He does not joke with promises and always chooses the right word when speaking with all manner of people.

Touching Lives: Converts have accepted Islam through him and catered for until they understand Islam the best and always prepared to take excesses from unbelievers then use the best words to change their mind into accepting the true faith (Islam).

Sheikh never jokes with the needy, he cares about what they eat and where they sleep and always think about their education. Above all he is always on his trace to wherever they can be found. Often inform me personally to invite people who are in need to break their fast close to him and he tries to be open always.

Track Records: Sheikh has supervised the building of MOSQUES, WELLS, SCHOOLS in many of the Ghanaian communities and has contributed in knowledge distribution among the Muslim Ummah.

to be continued…