Albayaan Foundation for Education and Humanitarian Services-Ghana is a non governmental and non political organization whose objectives are clearly stated;

  • We bring smile in the eyes of the needy and the deprived society
  • Make schools and learning materials available to the vulnerable and less privileged in the society.
  • Build Mosques, wells , boreholes, caring for orphans,widows, needy and spread Islamic Monotheism in the our Society
  • Caring for Orphans, Widows and the old age

Albayaan Foundation was established sinnce 2003 with the aim of educating both young and old and also partaken humanitarian assistance to the orphans and the needy in the society. Albayaan was then registered as as an NGO on the 7th of November 2016 with a registration number CG067262016. We have befor then assisted in many fields and impacted in the lives of many in terms of food, shelter and many other life related needs.

Albayaan Foundation is founded by Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed Abdallah which he considers a place for all mankind. He calls to Join hands in building Mosques, wells, helping the needy and make Islam and it’s community a pride home for all.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide effective and efficient counselling and education to help the needy people in the catchment area and beyond, in accordance with the teachings of Islam, its’ Sunnah and secular education.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To provide effective counselling for the people in accordance with the principles and teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  2. To inculcate in the people the acceptable norms or ethics of Islam.
  3. To organize programs and workshops that are geared towards unifying the youth in the community.
  4. To promote co-operation with other Muslim organizations in Ghana and beyond.
  5. To provide humanitarian services to the needy but brilliant students in the catchment area.
  6. To assist in building mosques, school and wells for the peoples of Ghana.


If you are a philantroist and need a mosque, wells and or schools in your name just contact Albayaan foundation to facilitate this Insha Allah.

If you also need a school, Mosques and or wells in your house or community you can also contact Albayaan to survey the environment and bring the facility close to you. We shall build any of this or even all and make your community smile Insha Allah.

Albayaan runs different ventures to aid the foundation and protect it’s vision and mission. Apart from caring for the needy, building of schools, building of mosques, protecting the widows and the old and managing the affairs of the needy in the society, it’s also engaged in ventures that can help us fulfill the needs of our young and old which includes Travel and tour and building and construction.

In essence Albayaan Foundation operates along the following core fields.

  • The Foundation: Interested in building mosques, schools, wells , boreholes and caring for orphans,widows and the needy
  • Travel and Tour: Assisting travelers to their destination by providing them with visa and other traveling requirements
  • And Construction: Building homes and other construction related needs for the people especially travelers who are away from home.